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About Lyngum

Lyngum is a online marketplace for artistic creations across a selected range of handmade and artistic materials and articles. We believe that creativity and design is central to being human, yet it frequently does not find fulfilment in our routine lives. So we connect appreciators of art and design with creators of uniquely designed or handmade creations. It is a forum where artists and designers showcase their work for direct purchase by clients who would otherwise never encounter their creations.

REACHING the UNREACHED Exclusive products from unreached sellers to unreached buyers Quality producers who are passionate about art

Online portal through which you can buy and sell exclusive products made just for you. We believe in bringing the finest handmade creations from all corners of India to you. The artists which are part of Lyngum are original creators of this art and understand it in depth. There are many skilled artists in India with beautiful product ranges ,both from URBAN and RURAL backgrounds but need a platform to get a good visibility for their products. We ensure that the artisans are authentic and deal in quality products.


There are so many ancient arts of India which are being practiced from generations which the communities and tribes and still not able to reach out to everyone. Lyngum tries to bring these arts to the fore front by giving a suitable market to these products. Its important that these artisans get a market as well as appreciation for these products and it is made known to people at large. It would provide a better means of livelihood to the artisans

Why LYNGUM is Unique?

Finest Creations

Choose from a variety of lifestyle and utility products especially handcrafted for you

Authentic Products

We ensure that the artisans and craftsmen expand their horizons beyond local markets and customers get authentic products at appropriate rates with all comforts that e-commerce has in it.


Lyngum encourages and interactive process - meeting place of buyers and sellers- read reviews and contact them with any questions.

Keeps You Safe

Secure payments: Payments are secured by highest standards, so shop on confidently.


Lyngum provides a unique virtual exhibition space to interested sellers to showcase their handmade products. Visit the exclusive Virtual exhibitions and get to know where some of the interesting art work is available near you. You can also choose to buy the articles online .