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ROSE QUARTZ multistring in thread

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RQ is a stone symbolizing love & affection. Young & old, all would love to prossess a lose quartz. This stone always emits a cooling sensation on touching, thus stimulating the energy flow in the body it is widely used by the crystal healers & fengshui therapist. This particular piece is a multi string neckpiece delicately handcrafted in thread without using any metal, retaining all the positive properties of the gemstone. This piece is one of the most elegant wears over all kinds of outfits. The soft & subtle hue of the gemstone allows it to be teamed with all shades of wear. Thus making it the most versatile of all gemstones This series in thread is crafted in Turquoise, tiger's eye, Carnelian & lapiz lazuli.!!

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Review by Plazathemes Posted on 7/21/16

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