Cashmere Stoles, Scarves and Mufflers


We introduce ourselves as suppliers of premium and luxury handicraft products from India. We source our products directly from the artisans and persons involved in the making.

Presenting one of our most exquisite products : Superior quality Cashmere Stoles,
Silk Stoles,
and Mufflers
fit for approaching winters.

  • Thin, light as a feather and warm.
  • Contemporary designs.
  • Use them as stoles, wraps for evening wear, neck scarves.
  • Available in different colours including natural yarn colours for the most elegant look and feel.

Stoles have been woven in Kashmir since the eleventh century, the fine embroidery and rich designs are a hallmark of Kashmiri mesmerizing craftsmanship and handicrafts.

Cashmere products are manufactured from the best quality yarns derived from the inner hair of the high altitude goats that range from 12500-14500 ft. on the Himalayan Region.

Product categories :-

• Pure cashmere shawls/stoles in plains with attractive colours, designs and embroidery.

• Pashmina Shawls/Stoles and mufflers.

• Silk mixed cashmere stoles in different colours and patterns.

• Embroidered cashmere stoles and scarves.

• Handwoven and machine woven varieties.