Why sell on lyngum.com?

With the changed state of the planet, we are more than ever in need of products that are better for the environment, for our health and fitness. Sellers of chemical free and organic products find it tough to focus on creativity and marketing at the same time. With Lyngum, showcase your products to millions of customers 24x7 on India's unique shopping destination. Our community of sellers and consumers is expanding everyday. Thousands of businesses, big and small, sell on Lyngum today. Start Your selling journey with us and expand your business reach.

Advantages of Selling on Lyngum

Easy to Register

Only few basic documents and 1 product required to start selling on lyngum.

Lowest cost of doing business

With the most competitive rate cards in the industry, selling on lyngum is the most cost efficient.


Sale events every month to give you opportunities to grow.


Equal opportunities for all the sellers to grow.

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What Products can you sell?

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How to Sell and Register


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Vendor FAQ

At Lyngum.com, we follow the Drop-Ship model. A customer logs onto the Lyngum.com application and places an order for desired products. Once an order is placed, our logistics partner will arrive at the seller's location and pick the product and deliver it to the customer.

We have several internal parameters based on which we rate each vendor. When a vendor meets the parameters of this guideline document, our Sales team approves a seller and sends a confirmation mail. Parameters are based on the product being genuine, unique, and exclusive. It should also be part of product categories we intend to sell.Therefore, we are a managed marketplace where we are very particular about every seller we onboard.

We have tied up with the best logistics partners in the country that assure a safe and secure delivery of your shipment.

To ensure your products remain undamaged during the shipping process we have set certain packaging guidelines for our sellers and ensure they abide by them. The products shipped are packed in a waterproof plastic layer. Each individual product is then packaged in bubble wrap while fragile items like bottles are safely secured with additional bubble wrap and our stickers are used over the packaging.

Finally the responsibility for a safe packaging rests with the seller and would have to be adequate to ensure there are no damages during transit.

The most important condition for selling on Lyngum.com.com is that your products should either handicraft, natural; organic; and handmade. From a more business sense, you’d need the following documentation:

  • GST Certificate
  • Adhaar card
  • Invoicing and packing facility
2. FSSAI License (Applicable for Food & Beverage products)
3. Brand Labelling Image for each product
4. Nutritional Label (Applicable for Food & Beverage products)

Please feel free to reach out to us at sellercontact@lyngumonline.com Our team will get in touch with you and do their best to resolve the issue.

We have partnered with the best logistics companies in the country based on their fulfillment history. There are hardly instances where there has been mishandling of an order from their end. But in case it does happen, a thorough investigation is taken place, and we look into the entire matter.

The investigation takes place as follows:

Foremost, we ask the customer to send us a picture of the manner in which they have received the product. Then, we confirm from the seller if sufficient care was taken while packing the product from their end. We also encourage sellers to upload a picture of the product just when it is ready to be packed

In case it is found that the packaging was inappropriate the product has to reshipped from the seller’s end. In case the product is misplaced/mishandled during transit by our Logistics partners we make sure the amount for the product gets refunded to the seller.